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Many businesses see client/employee confidentiality as a must, while for other businesses it’s a legal requirement. Tidysite offer tailor-made shredding and document destruction services to suit your individual needs. Through a strict chain of processes, we are able to offer secure disposal of your documents.

Why is it important to shred confidential waste?

Shredding confidential waste and properly disposing of digital media is not only a great way to reduce office clutter, but is an important measure in protecting people’s personal information and preventing identity theft. In a world of increasing scepticism among consumers, it also helps to build and maintain customer confidence and protect employee privacy. What’s more, it’s your legal obligation as a business.

A business’ duty of care includes assessing their records management procedures and the risks to people’s personal information. This checklist by the Information Commissioner’s Office will help you gauge whether you’re complying with the law regarding record creation, storage and disposal, access, tracking and off-site storage.

Don’t have a data retention policy and schedule yet? Download our free sample policy here: DATA RETENTION POLICY. (Please note this is a sample policy including a sample retention schedule. It is by no means an exhaustive list and you should adapt it to suit your business needs.)

What do I have to shred?

To protect people’s personal information, you should shred anything that contains a name, address, phone number, National Insurance number, or bank account information as well as any other identifying numbers that can be traced back to an individual. This includes ATM receipts, credit card receipts and even used plane tickets.

Why should I make use of shredding services?

If you have large volumes to shred, not only is it time-consuming, it can also be costly to buy and maintain a shredder that’s up for the job. What’s more, you then still need to dispose of all of the shredded paper responsibly. By outsourcing your confidential waste disposal, you can fulfil your company’s data protection obligations in a convenient, cost-effective manner.

Tidysite offer one-off collection services for office clear outs and large volume collections or arranged day/weekly collections for sensitive documents. Shredding takes place at our secure facility and you will receive a certificate of destruction. We also provide hard drive and digital media destruction, allowing us to act as your one-stop shop for confidential waste and shredding services.
Shredding services help to keep people’s personal data safe