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Waste transfer note

What is a waste transfer note?

A waste transfer note (WTN) is a legally required record that documents the change of hands of business waste. A WTN, or duty of care certificate as it is sometimes also referred to, serves as a clear audit trail setting out some details about the waste concerned (e.g., type and volume), the party who is disposing of it, the person collecting the waste, and where it is transferred to.

Who needs a WTN, and why?

A WTN must be completed whenever non-hazardous business waste is moved. This starts when it leaves your premises. Sometimes, an invoice can double up as a waste transfer note, and WTNs can also cover more than one transaction, provided these transactions can be documented appropriately on the same WTN.

The waste transfer note must be signed by both the transferor and the transferee, and must contain enough information about the waste.

It is essential that waste is recycled or disposed of correctly. WTNs are a great tool to keep everyone along the disposal process accountable and ensure that the waste is handled safely and recycled or disposed of responsibly and legally.

Waste transfer notes must be kept for at least two years and shown to an enforcement officer (e.g. from your local council or the Environment Agency) if asked.

How much does a WTN cost?

Your waste collector is obliged to supply you with the relevant documentation for moving your waste. Some companies may charge an admin fee for this, some won’t. Here at Tidysite Skip Services, we don’t charge for WTNs and we hold all the permits and licences required to collect, dismantle, remediate, recycle and dispose of your waste.

If you’re unsure about any aspect relating to your waste transfer notes, then please speak to us – we’ll be happy to help.
View or download a blank waste transfer note form.

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