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Tipper hire

tipper lorry hire

Tipper hire in the Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire areas

Read on for the low-down on this type of lorry and find out about tipper hire in the Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire areas.

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What is a tipper lorry?

When it comes to explaining what tipper lorries do, the name says it all – they tip!

The lorry comes equipped with an open-top container, which is used for carrying materials in bulk and depositing them where they are needed. In order to deposit its load, the container itself can be raised hydraulically at its front end to make a tipping action.

Tippers are also sometimes referred to as dumpers.

What are tipper lorries most commonly used for?

Tippers are most frequently used for transporting building materials to, from and around construction sites. But they come in handy for pretty much any job that involves moving loose materials from one place to another.

Thanks to their tilting body, tipper lorries are perfect for:

  • Moving and off-loading loose materials in bulk, such as sand, gravel, wood chips, soil
  • Removing and disposing of waste produced as a result of demolition, excavation or renovation work


What are the main benefits of choosing a tipper lorry?

Tippers are an efficient way of moving heavy materials around even the largest of sites.

No matter how large the lorry, it can be skilfully manoeuvred and can accurately unload its contents directly to where they are needed.

Tippers come in a variety of load volume and weight capacities, so there’s a vehicle to suit every job.

What should I take into account before I look into tipper hire?

The quantity and weight of the materials that need to be shifted

  • Tipper lorries are available in various sizes. Estimating the volume and weight of the materials to be shifted before you hire a tipper is key to ensuring the vehicle you receive is large enough to cope with the job, but won’t leave you unnecessarily out of pocket.

Whether your chosen provider has the necessary accreditations

  • This one is key, as health and safety is at stake here.
  • Tippers are dangerous pieces of machinery and anyone operating one must be qualified, CPCS certified and have the required experience to do so. Always ask for proof of this before taking things any further.
  • The company itself should be certified and is responsible for carrying out testing on the vehicle to ensure it is safe to operate. Again, they should be happy to provide proof of this.
  • Choosing an accredited company with experienced and trained vehicle operators will reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and damage.

If you have some materials that need to be shifted, we’re just a call away!

With a real emphasis on safety, expertise and experience, we can help you choose the perfect tipper for your project in the Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire areas.

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